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I recently received a letter from LMI CEO, Randy Slechta that again emphasised the importance he places on recruiting associates and affiliates to help franchise owners grow their business. And it really got me thinking, with my first thought being, I must share this with all franchise owners.

In typically American style it is urgent and compelling in equal measure, but the truth it contains is essential to comprehend and ultimately to act upon, if you want to achieve the success I believe you are all capable of.

I have taken the liberty of editing some of the more dramatic sentences to appeal to the more reserved British approach, but I hope you will find the message as inspiring as I do. Please spare a few minutes and if you want to discuss next steps and how I can help you, please get in touch and we can discuss it further.

Build your business by recruiting            

As a Franchisee, you need to keep a lot of different balls in the air and this can be very exhilarating; it’s what makes your role such an interesting and complex undertaking. However, with so many balls up in the air, there is a risk we ignore one of the most important areas of our business – recruiting. 

Recruiting is by far the most critical aspect of building and growing your business. It is a concept I believe you agree with and understand, but unfortunately, some of you have not taken the actions necessary to increase your recruiting and continue to grow your business.

Let me repeat a point I have stressed before: The only way to consistently grow your business is by recruiting one new Associate or Affiliate per month.  If you do not accept this, believe this and act on this you will never build your business for the future and you will never realize your potential in our business.

Those Franchise Owners recruiting at high levels are enjoying substantial growth in their business. Those who are not recruiting at this level are seeing little or no growth in their business. Every year the Franchisees who see the biggest increases in sales are exactly the same Franchisees who have achieved the largest increase in their recruiting results. 

Sales follows recruiting 

If you want to increase your sales, you must first increase your recruiting. There is no other way to do it and no other option to really build your business for the long term. A new recruit is not just another person who is out selling, but is essentially a new centre of influence.

Each person you recruit brings with them their sphere of influence and their contacts – which it’s been estimated will be around 200 to 300 good contacts. So you can see that recruiting is the life blood of your business and without recruits, it will not grow.

Recruiting must be continuous – you can’t recruit just two or three or four and say now I’m done. It’s only by bringing in new Associates and Affiliates on a continuous basis that you are able to rejuvenate your organization and keep it alive and growing.

Make a decision right now to do whatever is necessary to bring new recruits into your business in 2016 and 2017. You should have a goal right now to bring in a minimum of six to eight new recruits between now and the end of the year.

One of your primary roles and responsibility as a Franchise Owner is to build your business through recruiting. If you haven’t recruited any yet in 2016, you absolutely must recruit at least eight new Associates & Affiliates before the end of the year. 

Instead of Franchisee, your title really should be Master Recruiter or Master Multiplier – this is what your number one top payoff activity is.

Make a difference now

Your business is only a few recruits away from substantial growth, so start taking action now to bring positive new people into your business in the next few weeks. This will make a huge difference to your results in 2016.

And don’t forget, once in your Team; train them; train them and then train them some more. Help them to achieve their goals

I look forward to seeing everyone ramp up their recruiting in the coming months.  Let’s make 2016 the year we truly grow our business through new Associates or Affiliates.

That’s all Randy had to say on the subject, for now, but when I hear more about recruiting I will share it. But in the meantime, don’t forget to get in touch if you would like some advice on how to get recruiting to help you grow your business.


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