LMI-UK team learn not to be scared of GDPR

The latest Learn-Train-Practice Forum for Leadership Management International-UK franchise directors was held in the Midlands at the picturesque Aston Wood Golf Club and as always featured an interesting and varied programme.

This time however, it was a two-day event, with the Aston Wood golf course playing host to the annual Leadership Management International-UK golf tournament on the Monday. This year the trophy was lifted by Neale Carter, a long-standing director based in Scotland, the home of golf, which clearly offered some advantage given the wet and blustery conditions.

Sharing success

Tuesday kicked off with a welcome from Leadership Management International-UK Franchise Director Ray King, followed by each of the directors offering a little insight about the programmes they had facilitated since the last meeting.

It is extremely helpful when directors share their experiences and in particular what has worked well when it comes to prospecting for new clients – the lifeblood of the business.

Showing support

Whilst the ideas and coffee flowed, the team was given a brief overview of the current activities by the central marketing team, to support the endeavours of the individual directors as we work to build brand recognition.

The website is undergoing small changes to help increase traffic and make it easier for visitors to find what they need when they get to the site. Case studies are critical to the credibility of LMI. They show how well our work translates into the real world, better than a quickly forgotten half day sessions touted as the only training needed to change the world.

New newsletters will keep everyone informed of the benefits of our world-class leadership and development programmes, with articles reminding readers how we achieve the necessary long-term change of habits and behaviours.

It is hoped the Directors will share these interesting articles with their contacts to help them maintain a constructive dialogue and remind everyone that our programmes are not stand-alone ‘courses’ but are designed to be combined to develop Total Leaders.

Goals set

Ray King took the group through a projection of sales targets for the rest of the year and invited everyone present to ‘be the product’ and set themselves challenging, yet achievable goals.

At the heart of our programmes is the concept of goal-setting to reach positive outcomes and it looks like being another good quarter when the stated goals are achieved.

The discussion turned to prospecting and inevitably the apparent conflict between new indirect digital marketing techniques and the more traditional direct marketing of making phone calls to contacts.

Midlands Director Mark Tonks extolled the virtues of picking up the phone, explaining how his ‘back-to-basics’ campaign had generated 19 face-to-face meetings, with interest in six Effective Personal Leadership programmes all from just 32 phone calls made.

Contact calls

Talk of telephoning contacts to generate interest in what we do, was an interesting prelude to the next session on how to get the most out of the telephone, hosted by our man in the Channel Islands, Tim Neill.

Explaining the importance of not just knowing what to say and how to overcome objections or stalls, but injecting passion into the pitch was central to Tim’s advice, with Directors scattered to all parts of the course and clubhouse to make their practice calls to each other.

We understand the people being called are contacts known to the Directors and likely to take the call, but they are busy and the object of the call is not to sell what we do. The purpose of the call is to secure an appointment, when there will be time to listen to their needs and offer appropriate solutions.

GDPR explained

Our business is very much about developing the potential within individuals to help them achieve more and as you might expect that involves a few personal details.

Now it might only be a name, an email address, a mobile number and a photo, but it’s enough for us to take GDPR and its implications very seriously, which is why the presentation from information security specialist Keith Hayes was keenly anticipated. Here’s a flavour of Keith’s presentation.

De-bunking most of the myths surrounding what has become a ‘GDPR-preparedness industry’, Keith settled a lot of nerves with his relaxed approach, informative content and lots of useful advice that will ensure LMI-UK and all its directors are compliant long before May 2018.

Perfect Practice

The afternoon session included as it always does, time for Directors to employ concepts learned on the day during role-play to practice their sales interview technique.

Again emphasising we ‘practice what we preach’, these sessions follow our spaced-repetition approach and feature at every bi-monthly LTP Forum, which helps everyone hone their skills for the challenge when in front of an actual business owner or manager.

Head home

Ray closed the event by asking everyone for their highlight of the day, with the GDPR presentation and the telephone technique practice featuring highly. But the day’s success can be summed up simply by one attending Director, Judith Crow from Manchester, who said of the previous day’s event: Yesterday was great, thank you.” Which says it all really.

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