LMI-UK ongoing training

Learning session offers more insight for franchise owners

LMI-UK ongoing trainingThe latest LTP session organised by LMI for its UK franchise owners was held at South Buckinghamshire Golf Club and again offered valuable insight and techniques to help franchise owners grow their businesses.

Hosted by LMI-UK Franchise Director Ray King, the session started with introductions from the newest franchise owners attending their first such event. Welcomed to the team were David Short based in Weston-Super-Mare and Jude Crow based in Manchester.

Leadership for Women

Franchise owner Michael Levy, from South Manchester offered valuable insight into his recent facilitation of Leadership for Women programmes. Despite some reticence surrounding the packaging, the general feedback was very positive.

There was consensus that there are tremendous opportunities to deliver more programmes as we increase awareness of the benefits and the support it offers to women in leadership roles, or those identified by their organisations as leaders of the future.

Foundations of Success

Next up was a session from Nick Howes and Ray King to go over the results of recent Foundations of Success workshops for the benefit of the new franchise owners. The bite-sized sessions, run over a morning, introduce participants to the benefits of goal setting, time management and recognising different communication styles used by individuals.

Ray stressed the importance of allowing 10 minutes at the end to help participants understand the long-term benefits of our leadership and development programmes – the call to action.

The workshops are proving a good way to raise awareness of LMI and the way we facilitate programmes. Importantly, interest in our programmes is not just from those that participated in one of the Foundations of Success workshops, but employees and colleagues of the same organisation.

Typically, interest centres on our Effective Personal Leadership programme, the first step in an individual’s journey to becoming a Total Leader.

Goal-setting for success

Nick Howes also presented the next topic for discussion; goal-setting. Which not only forms an integral part of the Total Leader concept, but is an essential behaviour for successful LMI-UK franchise owners.

After a brief review of the subject, all participants were asked to think about their previous year and then write down what they wanted more of in 2017 and conversely, what they wanted less of. Among the variety of interesting responses, the common theme was less unproductive time and more time away from work – goals likely to be echoed across the general working population.

Nick then re-iterated his belief that everyone should visualise their goals and even create a reminder board with words, pictures and whatever visual stimuli are needed to help individuals focus on their goals and retain their purpose.

Again, this proved a valuable session for everyone, with lots of encouragement to reach for the scissors and the glue to get the dream board started, for those that did not already have one hanging in their home or office.

Changing the question you ask

After a delightful hot lunch, the penultimate session came from our resident NLP practitioner and LMI-UK franchise owner Mark Tonks. He suggested everyone would benefit from thinking more carefully about the questions they ask, when interviewing prospects and coaching clients as part of the process.

When a prospect explained they wanted to change or recognition, It is too easy, he contended to simply ask why? It is far better to use what and how as questions, because these move the individual forward, to look at outcomes, rather than explain the causes from their past and why they want change or recognition.

Mark explained the need for every interviewer to address the deletions, generalisation and distortions we all use in everyday language. For example, when someone says; “I must finish this now”, a better question to ask them than why, is; “What would happen if you didn’t?”

This engages the speaker who explains potential outcomes and allows the interviewer to explore more possibilities. The focus is back on actions and consequences that will drive the individual forward, which is the essential role of the mentor or coach. It is the domain of the therapist to consider an individual’s past and discover the reasons for current attitudes and behaviours.

This important session exemplified the support offered for every franchise owner at these bi-monthly LTP events, which bring everyone together in a collaborative environment to share best practice.

You be the buyer

Putting many of the concepts from the day into practice formed part of the role-playing session, with franchise owners taking turns to play the customer in a sales interview setting.

The change in mindset about the questions asked, proved a leap forward for most, who found they gained a far more valuable insight into their prospects mind, by avoiding the ‘why?’ question.

This session features in every LTP event and is a great help for the more seasoned franchise owners to help those new to our programmes and our methods, again proving the value of regularly bringing everyone together.

Safe journey home

The final act of the day was for Ray to ask everyone for their highlight of the day, with comments ranging from the re-focus on goal-setting to the re-evaluation of the questions asked in interview, but overall everyone expressed their appreciation for a valuable learning experience.

Then as darkness descended and with Ray’s words of encouragement ringing in our ears, it was off to all corners of the UK as we headed home, reflecting on another successful day.

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