Learning and sharing session for franchise directors

The first Leadership Management International UK, Learn-Train-Practice (LTP) day of 2019 was held at the Warwick Holiday Inn Express and brought together franchise directors from across the UK.

This valuable opportunity for franchise directors and associates to come together to learn from each other, share best practice and understand the activities undertaken by LMI-UK to help franchise directors grow their respective businesses.

The meeting, chaired by LMI-UK managing Director Ray King, started with the traditional meet and greet formalities, which gave the new franchise directors and associates the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group.

New faces make their mark  

It was gratifying to welcome a number of new faces to the year’s first session. Franchise Director John Watkinson, based in Derbyshire, introduced himself and explained a little about his reasons for joining the ever-growing LMI team.

In a boost for the team’s diversity, it was gratifying to welcome two new associates, Jane Weaver and Fran Pyatt, who also told a little of their personal stories and why they found the LMI-UK offering so compelling.

Jane is a product of the product, having recently completed an Effective Personal Leadership programme with West Midlands-based Franchise Director Mark Tonks.

Fran is working with Franchise Director Nick Howes, helping deliver the level-3 and level-5 apprenticeship programmes available through LMI-UK as a delivery partner for NESCOT college.

Given the growing demand for leadership management training from the UK’s increasing number of successful female business leaders and entrepreneurs, it is good to welcome more women to the LMI-UK team, with the appropriate skills and experience to help more people be all they can be.

The group’s successes shared  

Before everyone shared their success stories with the group, Ray King offered a brief overview of the firm’s overall performance in 2018, which enjoyed a 28% growth in programmes delivered to participants across the UK.

In the run up to Brexit, there has been a huge focus on the productivity of UK Plc, so perhaps is came as no surprise that LMI-UK should see the largest growth in programmes to be across those dedicated to improving productivity; personally, for teams and for businesses as a whole.

Reflecting the strong performance in 2018, all the franchise directors reported great starts to the year, with sales of Effective Personal Productivity and Effective Personal Leadership programmes featuring heavily in the sales figures.

LMI and the apprenticeship Levy

Franchise Director Nick Howes presented an update on the progress of how LMI-UK is helping businesses spend their apprenticeship levy wisely and effectively – it’s not all just about trades and manufacturing.

LMI-UK is a delivery partner for NESCOT college and thanks to this relationship, organisations can now choose management courses aimed at helping them develop the leadership skills of their people.

The new Level 5 apprenticeship (Operations/Departmental Management) and Level 3 (Team Leader/Supervisor) is attracting a lot of interest from organisations, particularly as April’s two-year deadline to ‘use or lose’ the first month’s levy fast approaches.

Same great content but access improved   

The introduction of the digital platform from LMI, now ensures that the great, life-changing content contained within the programmes and refined over 60 years, is now available online, making it available for those who want access at anytime, anywhere, with any device.

The familiar blue folders have been a constant of the LMI approach to helping develop people and will still be available for those that prefer the visual reminder of a folder full of their thoughts, notes, annotations and insights, enhancing the content within.

The process to digitise the programmes across more than 20 languages is time-consuming and although LMI is committed to transforming all programmes in time, it has started with the global best-sellers.

So far it has made, Effective Personal Productivity (EPP), Effective Personal Leadership (EPL) and Effective Leadership Development (ELD) available on the digital platform – the audio can still be downloaded to help participants engage more easily with the comprehensive content.

Role play sells the benefits

An important aspect of the LTP days is the opportunity for franchise directors to practice their interview technique, when they hope to discover the challenges facing the potential customer and assess which LMI programme would suit them best.

Nick Howes questioned Jane Weaver and was then critiqued by all those in attendance, including Jersey Franchise Director Tim Neill, who joined via Skype for the day.

Whilst all agreed Nick did a great job in the interview, there were a lot of minor points raised and then discussed that will help all the directors when they next face a prospect – once again proving the value of these days and that even the most accomplished benefit from practice and training.

And finally….

The final session focussed on how each of the franchsie directors was marketing their services to the business communities in which they operate and the support offered from LMI-UK head office.

There was as ever, a general agreement that LMI possesses fantastic content that changes lives and the key was getting in front of prospects and explain the benefits, with examples of those who had been before, expressing their gratitude for the programmes in their own words – case studies!

People headed home having agreed it was another successful day that offered something different to each attendee, but ultimately valuable for everyone. However, they all left with the simple message to engage in the case study creation process, ringing in the ears – see you soon?

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