Karl uses the lessons learned throughout a progressively successful career allied with the outstanding programmes provided by LMI-UK to support and facilitate development and measurable performance improvement for individuals and companies.

With qualifications and extensive background in RF communications, Karl’s career took him from ‘hands-on’ and client support roles, working with a team in Luxembourg and customers in the UK and Spain, to various sales roles culminating most recently in Sales Director for a fire safety software company and then Head of Public Sector Sales for a London-based consultancy.

Karl has achieved success in both the public and private sectors and has developed robustly proven commercial, technical, marketing and project management skills. Karl describes the most satisfying rewards from his career so far as including seeing others realise their potential and firmly believes that most of us have the ability to lead and manage others in ways that exceed what we currently believe are possible.

Carefully structured, proven development programmes have helped develop Karl’s career and he now works hard to assist others in clarifying their goals, determining a plan of action and putting in place development programmes that bring measurable and repeatable improvements in performance.  Karl describes this role as ‘facilitating success’ and is the most enjoyable part of his career so far.