Developing the skills for success – franchise owners benefit from expert telephone coaching

As a business, Leadership Management International is committed to improving the range of skills our Franchise Directors need to make a success of their businesses.

We support all our people through constant training and practice sessions, with specialists brought in to share their knowledge and expertise, when we do not have the requisite skills within our business.

Securing new clients largely depends on an individual’s ability to confidently communicate with their prospects to develop a relationship that might lead to programme sales.

So, whether it’s training franchise directors on how to market their business efficiently, develop their website or offer advice on how best to approach meeting and selling to new clients, we ensure everyone has the chance to learn new skills or brush up on old ones.


It was with this in mind that we recently hosted a telephone training day with expert practitioner, Roderick Morgan, who specialises in helping professionals become more confident and effective on the phone.

Roderick, the PhoneSmith, joined a number of our franchise owners at Aston Wood Golf Club in Sutton Coldfield, to deliver an insightful training session. The day was packed with useful hints and tricks to help our Directors become more proficient at overcoming their reluctance to make ‘cold’ calls to potential clients.

Central to the success of our business is the ability to successfully build and maintain relationships over the telephone, earning the trust and respect of a potential client to arrange a face-to-face meeting – when the selling takes place.

Although digital communication has become increasingly popular, the telephone is still one of the most effective ways for our Franchise Directors to secure potential new business. It allows individuals to better engage with a client, communicating personality through a conversation in real time, which is impossible in typed messages.

Franchise directors were taught effective techniques throughout the presentation, including the importance of conducting thorough research before making a call, and refraining from ‘cold’ calling multiple contacts in one sitting.

It can be tempting to churn through a long list of numbers in quick succession, but Roderick showed directors how it was more effective to target a handful of people and dedicate time to thoroughly researching the contacts beforehand – research provides the connection and turns cold into warm.

Rather than showing directors how to secure sales over the telephone, the meeting taught directors how to engage with the client and improve the chances of successfully securing a face-to-face meeting.

Good times to call were detailed, along with ways to get the gatekeeper on side. It was fascinating to learn the benefits of starting at the top of an organisation and being passed down, if necessary, rather than trying to connect and work up to decision makers, which rarely works.

It is difficult to sell our people development programmes over the phone. There is just far too much to explain, including our unique multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition approach, without even touching on the programme content itself.

During face-to-face meetings it is much easier for directors to explain the essence of the leadership development programmes and what value they will offer to individuals and their organisations.

Although some businesses may rely heavily on telephone sales, we have found that building lasting relationships and meeting with clients personally is better for client retention, while improving our reputation as a friendly and professional business.

It is training and support sessions like these that allow our Franchise Directors to enjoy both personal and professional success, allowing their businesses to flourish by constantly attracting new clients with skills we help them develop.

If you’re interested in becoming an official LMI Franchise Director or would like more information on starting your own business, click here.

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